Ardenner uppställd NA
Ardenner betar
Ardenner uppställd NA

Swedish Ardennes draft horse

The Swedish Ardennes draft horse is a strong and muscular horse with a calm demeanor.

Vikt: 500 – 800 kg
Mankhöjd: 152-165 cm

As the name suggests, the first horses of the breed came from the highlands of the Ardennes, located in southeastern Belgium on the border with France. These horses were also called "Mountain ardennes" at that time. They were small, tough, hard and agile horses, which at crossbreeding proved to fit in well with Swedish horses.

The overall impression of Swedish Ardennes draft horse breeding today is that no country in Europe has such healthy horses as Sweden. The state of health and temperament are the most important characteristics of a good workhorse and with this as the main benchmark, the modern Ardennes draft horse has been bred.