Very many animal species rely on old trees to survive in nature. Old trees become hollow and have thick branches, dead branches and rough bark – and many other specific habitats that aren’t found in young trees. For oaks, it can take two centuries for hollows to occur naturally. Very old trees are rare in nature, because they are felled long before they reach 200 years.

In this spot, we are attempting to create hollow trees by artificial means. The method is called “veteranisation”.

Here we demonstrate some of the veteranisation methods that mimic damage that often occurs in the natural course of events

Gnawing by horses – bark missing on lower part of the trunk.

Lightning strike - the top of the tree breaks off and much of the trunk is damaged.

Woodpecker cavity – resembles a hole made by the great black woodpecker.

Nesting hole – a larger hole that resembles an owl´s nest  for example.