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Rosalia longicorn

The Rosalia longicorn (Rosalia alpina) is a very beautiful and eye-catching beetle that belongs to the longhorn family. The species has distinct cover wings with black spots and transverse bands on a blue-gray background.

The Rosalia longicorn lives mainly in beech forests in the mountainous regions of Central Europe and in the countries around the Mediterranean. In Sweden, it has been found in the southern parts, but it is uncertain whether the species has ever reproduced in our country.

Today, the Rosalia longicorn is in sharp decline in its entire range. It is threatened when its habitat disappears as Europe's unique beech forests shrink due to human progress.

What we do at Nordens Ark

To save the species, Nordens Ark launched a unique project in collaboration with Alpenzoo in Austria. At the beginning of July 2019, the first five individuals of the endangered Rosalia longicorn arrived at Nordens Ark from Austria. They are the start of a breeding experiment that will hopefully result in the species being bred and released in areas where it previously existed.

Nordens Ark will develop a method for breeding the Rosalia longicorn, something that has never been done before.

It is a challenge to work with a new species where there is no previous knowledge, but Nordens Ark has a long experience of breeding other endangered longhorns, such as the great capricorn beetle.

The first five beetles came to Nordens Ark in the beginning of July 2019 and already after a few days, mating and egg-laying were seen. Now, different methods will be designed and tested to be able to successfully feed and take care of the Rosalia longicorn during its various stages of life.

News from the project - January 2022

In 2021 four eggs were hatched which developed into beautiful beetles, which was something of a world sensation as it had never been done before. We are now working to ensure that Rosalia longicorns can eventually be released into the wild in Austria.


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