Amur leopard at Nordens Ark
Amur leopard at Nordens Ark

Amur leopard

Panthera pardus orientalis

The Amur leopard is the world’s most endangered cat. It has long been hunted for its beautiful fur, which is thick and dense to protect it from the cold climate where it lives. The yellow colour of the fur is lighter than on other leopards, and the coat is covered with large black rosettes.

Weight: 30 - 45 kg
Length: 1,2 - 1,9 m, Withers height: 45-80 cm

Amur leopards live in areas where ever more land is required for domestic livestock, which compete for food with several of the leopards’ most important prey. When the prey become scarcer, the leopards are forced to take domestic animals, and this brings them into conflict with humans.

The Amur leopard hunts at night and its diet comprises principally roe deer, sika deer, hares, badgers and rodents.

Like the majority of big cats, the Amur leopard is a solitary animal and lives alone.


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