1200x560amurtiger senhöst.jpg
1200x560amurtiger senhöst.jpg

Amur tiger

Panthera tigris altaica

Just over three metres long and weighing some 300 kg, the Amur tiger is the world’s largest cat.

Weight: 100 - 300 kg
Length: 2,6 - 3 m

At one time the Amur tiger lived in large areas of eastern China, Manchuria and parts of Siberia – hence its former and more familiar name: Siberian tiger.

Tigers are solitary animals, seeking each other out only to mate. This requires them to overcome their natural aversion to company and involves a lot of noisy communicating with growls and snarls.

The world tiger population continues to decline, and everywhere the threats they face are the same: poaching, trade in tiger parts for traditional Asian medicine, modern forestry and scarcity of prey.

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