Persian leopard

Panthera pardus saxicolor

The Persian leopard is one of five leopard sub-species listed as endangered by the IUCN. It is also considered the largest of the sub-species.

Weight: 90 kg
Height: 259 cm Withers height: 50 - 70 cm

Persian leopards are solitary animals, living alone and meeting only to mate. Adult males maintain large territories that overlap several females’ ranges, which are often much smaller.

Felines are strict meat-eaters and the Persian leopard’s diet consists mainly of deer, West Caucasian tur, mouflon, wild boar and urial. This will vary slightly depending on where the animal lives. The leopard may also take smaller prey such as porcupines and hares. The Persian leopard was once found in much of the Caucasus. Today only around a thousand are thought to remain in the wild.