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Lo tvättar sig1200x560.jpg


Lynx lynx

The lynx is the only feline native to Sweden and the Nordic lands. With its short tail and tufted ears, it prowls our forests. The species has made a gradual comeback in Sweden.

Weight: 18 - 24 kg
Length: 80 - 130 cm Withers height: 70 cm

Lynxes are nocturnal and have excellent eyesight and hearing. Like other cats, they stalk their prey before rushing it and biting its throat to suffocate it. In the north of Sweden the lynx’s main diet is reindeer, while further south the most common prey is deer. Lynxes will also eat hares, beavers and small elk.

They live in large territories in different types of forest where they can find enough prey, and where the area is undisturbed.

Lynxes were once hunted for their fine fur, the state even paying out bounties in the early 1900s. Hunting resulted in the breed becoming so scarce that it was protected in 1928.


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